Student Film Casting (D.C)

We are currently looking for talent to act in a short student film for George Mason University. Compensation is limited to a copy of the final project in any format you desire. This is perfect for anyone who is interested in illustrating versatility in their performance range or interested in the experience of film production on a small scale.We are currently looking to cast for the following characters for the upcoming student film:

Emma: Late teens-early twenties. Popular girl in school. Emma is the girl everyone loves to hate. Both beautiful and conniving, Emma eventually lures Amber away from Marley and into her own circle of friends. In the fantastical world created by Marley and Amber, she is a witch. (note: this actor must be available for one day during filming to commute to Bentonville, VA)

Marley’s Mother: Late thirties or higher. Marley’s mother is very loyal and loving to Marley, but is forced to work overnight shifts as a nurse in order to make ends meet. Because of this, she is hardly ever home to spend time with Marley.

We are also looking for someone to play Marley’s Father who has the same age range as the mother, however, he does not have a speaking role in this film and will only be needed for a quick shot. If you prefer to bring someone in this age range to the shoot and they fit the bill, they may also be eligible to participate.

Filming will take place March 15th through the 17th as well as March 23rd through the 25th, although, these characters will have specific dates for filming and will not need to be available every day of filming).

If you are interested in auditioning for this student film please submit your information along with a recent photo and basic resume.

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